The Welcome Home Project Moving Forward

“Our goal is to ignite something in their organization and get people on board!” – Lori Long

Home is possible for everyone. To implement the program, you must first begin with education. Through a series of training videos and round table discussions, Greenbrier staff take any facility and walk them step by step through the process of implementing these and other concepts. “We do not want to change an organization,” explains Long. “We want to come right in as that organization is and let them decide how we can do home with what they have. It is important to begin by watching the films, doing the learning circles, and then making your own decisions.”

Long feels it is vital for the community to realize the changes occurring across the state and country in senior homes (called long-term care or nursing and assisted living). “I see the Welcome Home Project as a healing balm,” surmises Long. “It will bring more life to your homes. Work will be meaningful because everyone will understand the vision. That vision will be the umbrella to everything done on the home, every job, every chore, and every relationship. The Welcome Home Project’s goal is to encourage, support, and thereby add quality of life and quality of care to all residents who live on the home. As well as a meaningful and fulfilling place for employees to work, know they are doing ‘good’ with the work they do for others; that is it more than just a job; it is making lives better.”

Moving forward, The National Association of Health Care Assistants is gifted the Welcome Home Project to distribute as they see fit. They have the tools and want to share them with any facility ready to change. It will take time, it will take effort; watching the training videos, and following the detailed steps is important. Do not rush the transformation. Work together. Everyone has a voice. Everyone deserves to be heard.

Are you ready to welcome your residents Home?