Hear from Members of the Charter Group

Below are testimonials from Greenbrier staff and how the home concept effects their job satisfaction and the changes they see in their residents.

Jim Thorpe – Administrator and currently Admissions Coordinator 

 “You know, I see a somewhat different aspect because I see the resident families before I even see the resident most of the time. And coming into a nursing home for a person that’s never been there it’s not a comfortable situation for them. It’s their first time usually. I am able to say something to families now about welcoming their loved one into our home that becomes their home and I call it a welcome Spirit because there is a spiritual aspect to it I really believe that. I see so many families that say you know there’s something different about Greenbrier and I say tell me about that difference. And they will usually say it’s just different coming in here; it looks different, it feels different than most places we go into. So, it’s a welcome home spirit and I’m proud to say that these folks sitting around here have that right here in their heart. 

 Syd Smith – Nutritionist

 “I believe that it has made our residents, especially when they first come in, more comfortable, I think it has eased the process of adjusting to being away from their own homes. I believe it is a more natural environment. We had kind of an institutional model, the resident came in, they fit into our schedule, and we’ve provided them the opportunity of choice of how their day goes in their mealtimes, and what time they want to get up, where they want to sit in the dining room, in many ways we’ve provided choice and we all like that. Its more natural, it feels different than more into an “institutional”, because it’s what were used to.”


Rheadonna Lorenz – Life Enrichment Director

 “They have a choice now, they can get up when they want to, you know they don’t get up where it’s convenient for us were there for them and they get up when they want to get up and we don’t heard them in like cattle when its time go eat, they go eat when they want to, and they get up when they want and go to bed when they want to and it’s just they’re happier and like Gayle said the relationships that were building with our residents and the caregivers and the families is just so much more and to me it’s more intimate.”

*Quotes taken from Interviews recorded on Welcome Home Training Videos