Family Members Respond with Positive Reviews

I do not offer praise needlessly, but I think it’s deserved,” remarks Jeff Clow. Clow recently decided to move his 91-year-old mother to Greenbrier. “It is a very difficult thing when you have to admit your mother into any facility, whether a hospital or nursing home. Most of us have never experienced that before. Having been in the corporate world, you are used to having a situation you can control the outcome and you really cannot do that with healthcare. But what happened is every step of the process with Greenbrier exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.”

Clow says that his mother was taken to the hospital after a fall in February of 2021. It soon became apparent that she would need long-term care. From the moment he stepped into Greenbrier, he felt supported throughout the process. The staff took time to explain everything, there was communication, and he could sense a different culture brought on by Welcome Home. “The theme is people acting like human beings. Not corporate employees or people checking boxes. Greenbrier, even though it is a family-owned facility, I would call it a family-led facility. They really did strike me as being a family of caregivers. It’s all about the people and how they act. Actions speak a lot bigger and louder than words. Greenbrier shows action repeatedly,” says Clow.

Dara Garrett, a nurse leader at Greenbrier, conducts care conferences with family every three months. She adamantly tells her families that if they have a concern, she wants to be contacted right away. “That way I can address them. When I started doing that, I hardly ever have a negative complaint in my care conferences now. I tell them we are humans taking care of humans,” says Garrett. Garrett is also Clow’s mother’s nurse leader. “Dara, you sent me a long letter, and it just allayed my fears that she would be an integral member of the family,” says Clow

“I have had a parent here,” says Syd Smith, who also works at Greenbrier as the dietician. “Just knowing that he was not just seen as the patient, those that cared for him knew him, and wanted him to be as happy as he could be, wanted him well taken care of. It gave me, as the family member, a good feeling that I knew was being care for. I think when you transfer the concept to home, it just means a whole lot more; it is just a different feeling than a facility has. Home is different than a facility. We want them to come home, and there’s a lot of living that gone on here.”