You’ve read about The Welcome Home Project and about it’s tremendous success in making the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities feel like they are Home. Residents want to feel like this is their place and not like they are in someone else’s home or facility. Residents want to know they have choices and a say in what goes on in their home. And families want to bring their loved ones to a place where they know they will be loved and valued.

The “Welcome Home Project” can bring this to YOUR nursing home or assisted living facility! We have all the resources and instructional videos that you’ll need to make it happen. By becoming a member, you’ll have 24×7 access to all these resources. If you want your healthier, happier residents, families and staff, this is what you’ve been waiting for. And you can access this for only $99/year!

Why a fee?

Our mission is ultimately to help the elderly live happier, healthier, more joyful lives and we are absolutely convinced that this method instituted in YOUR facility will make that happen. To accomplish our mission, we so much want to GIVE this away for free! So why is there a charge for membership? Simply because there are costs in maintaining this project and creating new content and resources. We are not looking to make money, only to have means to keep up with the management of the project. At $99/YEAR we feel this is something EVERY nursing home and assisted living facility can invest in with no financial burden. And with many members, the annual fee should be enough to cover our costs. This very low price, therefore, is our best way to accomplish our mission to change lives for the better

Why a subscription?

We are better together. While organizations are free to access the resources and go off on their own and implement them – and be much better for them, we feel a better approach is a community approach, where we can learn from each other and share our questions and our successes. We are continuing to develop new resources that can make this great project even better! We are planning to add Q & A forums and monthly Zoom sessions among other things. All of this lends itself much better to an ongoing membership than a simple product. And again, given the incredibly low cost of membership we feel that this model is the best way to serve our members and their residents.

So don’t wait! Start your membership today and begin an incredible transformation to a more joyful living in the lives of all those in your care.

Join ‘The Welcome Home’ Project Today!

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